Huevos con Carne Asada $12.25

Steak and eggs.

Huevos con Chile Verde o Chile Colorado $12.25

Huevos Rancheros $8.99

Eggs with ranch style sauce

Huevos con Nopales $10.25

Scrambled ggs with sauteéd cactus

Huevos con Chicharrones $12.25

Eggs with pork rinds especially prepared on our homemade sauce.

Huevos con Jamon $10.75

Ham and eggs.

Huevos con Tocino $10.75

Bacon and eggs.

Huevos a la Mexicana $7.99

Scrambled eggs with tomato, onion & bell pepper

Huevos con Chorizo $9.99

Mexican sausage with eggs

Chilaquiles con Carne Asada o Huevos

Crispy tortilla strips covered with our Mexicali special sauce with your choice:

Eggs: $10.50   Carne Asada: $12.50

Chicharrones con Chile $11.25

Especially prepared pork rinds on our homemade sauce

Machaca con Huevos $11.25

Eggs mixed with shredded beef, onions, bell peppers & tomatoes.

Machaca con Verduras $11.25

Shredded beef simmered with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes.

Papas con Chorizo $8.99

Potatoes, beans and mexican sausage

Chile Relleno Omelette $12.25








Chiles Gueritos Rellenos de Camarón $14.50

Our famous six (6) yellow peppers stuffed with shrimp.



Combination seafood cocktail, Mexican style with chopped cucumber, onions, cilantro and avocado chunks.

   Reg. $14.25      Lg. $18.25


Cocktel de Camarón

Shrimp cocktail, Mexican style with chopped cucumber, onions, cilantro & avocado chunks.

Sm. $7.50     Reg. $14.00    Lg. $18.00


Ceviche de Camarón $9.25

Marinated shrimp with onions, tomato, cucumber and cilantro served with tostadas.


Ceviche de Pescado $7.50

Marinated fish with onions, tomato, cucumber and cilantro served with tostadas.


Ceviche Mixto de Camaron y Pescado o Pulpo $10.50

Mix shrimp and fish ceviche or octopues ceviche.


Tostada Marinera $18.25

Shrimp, octopus, abalone, sauteed in our special Devil Sauce with onions, tomatoes, cucumber & cilantro


Tostada de Pulpo a la Diabla $10.25

Octopus in our special Devil Sauce served on a tostada


Camarónes Aguachile

Shrimp marinated in lemon juice.  Choice of: Red or Green Spicy Sauce.

Half dozen: $12.25    Dozen: $18.25


Guilty Special $18.95

Shrimp, octopus and abalone in a Devil Sauce.


Mexicali Nachos  $9.95

Crisp corn tortilla chips topped with nacho cheese, beans, sour cream, jalapeños, guacamole,

cotija cheese and pico de gallo. Choice of Steak or Chicken


Queso Oaxaca con chorizo  $8.95

Melted Oaxaca cheese mixed with chorizo

Add $2.99 for Carne Asada.



Two large flour tortillas filled with melted cheeses, served with sour cream and guacamole on the side.

With Carne Asada or Chicken $9.25      With Shrimp $12.25


Regular Cheese Quesadilla

Small $3.00   Large $5.25


Guacamole a la Mexicana

Small $7.25   Large $11.25



Small $6.99   Large $10.25




House Specialties


Combinacion Fajitas  $16.50

Carne, pollo, y camarón con arroz y frijoles.  Grilled beef, chicken and shrimp fajitas

served with rice and beans.


Carne Asada $14.50

Thin cut Rib-eye served with rice, refried beans & tortillas


Especial del Mexicali $14.50

Carne Asada, nopales y frijoles de la olla. Steak strips & sautéed nopales w/ whole beans.


Carne a la Tampiquena  (Sampler Plate) $14.50

Steak, quesadilla and enchilada combination plate served with refried beans


Costillas de Puerco con Nopales  $14.50

Pork ribs with cactus in Red Sauce with rice, refried beans and tortillas


Chile Verde $14.50

Slow cooked tender chunks of pork in green sauce. Served with tortillas


Chile Colorado $14.50

Slow Cooked tender chunks of beef in red sauce. Served with tortillas


Steak Ranchero $14.50

Seasoned chopped beef steak sauteed with tomato, onion, bell pepper, simmered in an earthy sauce.


Torta de Camaron con Nopales $14.25

Shrimp fritters made in a fluffy batter, dried ground shrimp and simmered a flavorful smooth Mexican red sauce.







Served with rice & beans


Combo #1 $10.99

Beef taco and cheese enchilada.   Chicken or Beef enchilada Add $1.00


Combo#2  $12.25

Cheese enchilada and chile relleno. Chicken or Beef enchilada Add $1.00


Combo #3  $13.99

Taco, cheese enchilada & chile relleno. Chicken or Beef enchilada Add $1.00


Combo #4  $12.25

Beef taco and Chile Relleno









2 Tacos $9.99

Carne Desebrada, Pollo o Carne Asada

Two tacos (crispy or soft ) with your choice of: shredded beef, grilled steak or chicken.


2 Tacos de Camaron $12.25

Two shrimp tacos (soft or crispy).


2 Tacos de Pescado $11.25

Two soft grilled fish tacos.


2 Sopes, Carne o Pollo $10.99

Two sopes.  beef or chicken.


2 Chiles Rellenos $12.99

Two cheese stuffed peppers.


2 Enchiladas de Carne o Pollo (Red or Green Sauce) $10.99

Two enchiladas beef or chicken.

Cheese $8.99     Shrimp $12.99


2 Burritos $10.99

Carne Asada, Chile Verde, Chile Colorado o Pollo

Two burritos with your choice of: grilled steak, chicken, chile colorado or chile verde.


3 Taquitos o Flautas (Carne o Pollo) con guacamole y sour cream $10.99

Three  beef or chicken taquitos or flautas with sour cream & guacamole








Carne Asada con Camarones al Gusto $18.50

Grilled steak served with your choice style shrimp. Surf & Turf


Camarones Rancheros $14.50

Shrimp sautéed with tomatoes, onion, bell peppers and simmered in a ranch style sauce.


Camarones al Mojo de Ajo $14.50

Butterfly shrimp grilled in a garlic butter sauce, topped with cilantro.


Camarones a la Plancha $14.50

Butterfly shrimp grilled with cilantro & butter sauce.


Camarones Empanizados $14.50

Fried shrimp.


Camarones a la Diabla $14.50

Shrimp sautéed in our own special devil hot sauce.


Camarones Envueltos con Tocino $16.50

Tiger shrimp stuffed with cheese, wrapped with bacon, accoppied with a chipotle sauce.


Pescado Frito $16.99

Whole deep fried red snapper.  Beautifully presented with scallions & greens.


Filete de Pescado a la Plancha o Al Mojo de Ajo $15.99

Grilled red snapper with garlic or butter sauce and cilantro


Combinacion de Mariscos $22

Two chiles gueritos, ceviche, fish fillet, grilled and fried shrimp and rice.


Fuente de Mariscos $23

Shrimp, octopus and abalone in your choice of: devil sauce or al mojo de ajo.

Served with a shrimp cocktail and two shrimp stuffed peppers.







Grilled Salmon Salad $12.99


Spicy Chicken Chipotle Salad $10.99


Chicken or Carne Asada Salad $10.99


Shrimp Salad $12.99


Tostada Mexicali $12.99

Chicken or Steak


Small Tossed Salad $4.25








Caldo 7 Mares $15.99

Combination Seafood Soup


Caldo de Camarón $13.99

Shrimp Soup


Caldo de Pescado $12.25

Fish Soup


Caldo de Res $12.25

Beef Soup


Caldo de Pollo $10.99

Chicken Soup


Menudo $9.95

Sabado y Domingo.  Saturday & Sunday













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